Top 10 PEPS posts in 2015!

If you missed some of the stories we shared on the PEPS blog, here’s a recap of the the most popular in 2015:


The Daycare DilemmaQuinn_2014_233 copy

Mom in the Middle, Shelly Mazzanoble wrote this piece on some of the benefits of daycare for her family.


Making Space for Mephoto 2 (1)

“I felt so happy most of the time basking in the light of my baby. But every once in a while there would be something, a letter from a friend, a picture from my wedding, that would call up the way I used to feel in my skin, and I would try on being me for a moment.” Shawna Gamache writes a personal essay about identity, making space and motherhood.


TraciBixbyGiraffeThe Grass is not Greener

Full-time, part-time, staying home or some combination of the above, Jen Winckler writes about moms and their work choices and decisions. “When you start to feel defensive, or judgmental, or unsure of your own choice, remember that every mom you meet has had their own struggles with figuring out where they fit as a mom, society member and woman.”


All About That BABE

A refreshing essay from Beth Morris, who writes, “People tend to embrace your body when you’re pregnant, and abandon it after you give birth. And the worst part is when we let them, and when we abandon ourselves.”


zerotofiveimage10 Activities you can do with an infant 

Lots of PEPS parents clicked on this Tracy Cutchlow blog for ideas on playing and interacting with a newborn. Tracy is a local Seattle author of the research-based parenting book, Zero to Five.


It’s Okay to Eat Your Wordslicense plate frame

Jen Winckler shares the things she said at one point, and then what actually happened.


milkNatural Blunder

Shelly Mazzanoble writes about her experience – and difficulties – with breastfeeding, “There was nothing natural about the most natural thing in the world.”


pumpkin patch5 Things to do while on Maternity Leave

“You have a new baby and your parental leave has begun! All those blissful weeks ahead of bonding and relaxing. My well-timed July baby meant lazy afternoons lounging by Coleman Pool and al fresco lunches with my unemployed friends. Maybe I’d finally get around to painting the downstairs bathroom. Maybe I’d take up sewing. Maybe I’d make jam.” Shelly Mazzanoble shares what she did – and didn’t do – on her maternity leave.


IMG_5799Friends After Baby

This popular post by PEPS Leader Beth Morris talks about how friendships can change after becoming a mom.


It Doesn’t Have to be Picture

Big blow out right before taking your baby’s portrait? It happens. Jen Winckler writes, “It’s easy to take one second out of day full of crazy and snap a picture of perfection. It’s harder to deal with the other 86,399 seconds of actually LIVING a day in this new mom life.”


What I Mean

IMG_4329-001Hearing comments from other moms about how it will be in the future isn’t always an effective communications strategy, PEPS Leader and blogger Jen Winckler translates some of the things she’s said.


Thank you to all the writers who shared their words with parents in the PEPS Community! Hearing how it works – or doesn’t – often provides the best source of info, the knowledge that you aren’t alone, or the laugh you need!

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