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Marcie with her husband and son, Owen.

Marcie Cheung is a passionate PEPS volunteer and supporter. When asked what PEPS means to her, she said, “PEPS is a lifeline that is so vital in those isolating first months as a new mom. Not only did it get me out of the house (and out of pajamas), it gave me something to do for myself. I met moms that I now consider some of my closest friends. PEPS gave me a community of moms who have been a part of my son’s life since he was 4 months old. There’s something really special about that. As I’m leading groups, it’s so heartwarming to see solid friendships form and moms slowly gain confidence.”

Two years ago, Marcie joined a Newborn PEPS Group in Renton when her son was 4 months old. She was surprised to learn about the program and loved everything about it. The following year, Marcie and a friend from her PEPS Group co-hosted a table at the PEPS Annual Luncheon. She recalls, “I found the luncheon to be so moving and inspiring that I signed up right there to lead a Newborn Group.”

Marcie playing with some Little Peppers.

Marcie playing with some Little Peppers.

Marcie co-led her first group that spring. She jumped right back in and led another daytime PEPS Group of moms and newborn last fall. She’s now leading an Issaquah/Sammamish Newborn Group and has assisted with the Little Peppers program, where she “got to interact with some hilarious toddlers and listen to moms discuss the challenges and surprising moments of raising both a newborn and a toddler.”

One of her favorite PEPS memories is from her Newborn Group, “When I was in PEPS, our leader went around the room and stamped our baby’s feet onto a Mother’s Day card. I was overcome with emotion after because it was the first project that really involved my son. Now that I’m a PEPS leader, I try to do at least one foot stamping/painting activity per group because it’s something that you might not make time for as a new mom, but is such a treat to have done!”

When she’s not volunteering, Marcie keeps busy with family activities. They are passionate about travel, love to try new foods and absorb themselves in other cultures. She’s a big fan of spa days and all things “self-care.” And if she finds herself with extra time, she loves binge-watching British TV shows!

Thank you, Marcie, for your volunteer service to PEPS!!!


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