Favorite PEPS Group Activities

We asked what peoples favorite PEPS Group activities were and many PEPS families shared…

Some PEPS groups enjoy annual camping trips together

My group has a monthly moms’ night out along with meetings/speakers and spontaneous outings. – Kimberly

Besides the moms nights and play dates my favorite was to take an annual picture of the babies (and subsequent siblings). We have 5 of them and I love to see how they’ve grown! – Jen

We’ve been meeting 2x a month for the past 2.5 years. This summer 3 of our original PEPS families are camping at Timber!, a new summer music festival in Carnation at the end of July. – Brynn

We do alternate moms and dads nights on a regular basis. My favorite things we have also done is go camping in the summer and take swim lessons at the local pool! – Eebie

My PEPS group does at least one moms retreat a year. We’ve been to the San Juans, Walla Walla, Portland and LA. I have such fond memories of those trips…it’s always nice to relax over a glass of wine and reconnect. We still do highs and lows. . We also do Moms Nights Outs and Ins several times a year!  – Camille

My group’s babies are 7 months old and we have just started doing a much-needed, regularly scheduled mom’s night out. The moment I thanked my lucky stars for PEPS, though, was when we first discussed the topic of sleep. Who knew other babies were waking up every 90 minutes demanding food?! It was then I knew I wasn’t alone and my daughter was being a NORMAL newborn!! What a relief. – Emily

Our PEPS group has been together for five years – through some of life’s biggest ups & downs. Some of our favorite traditions – getting together for dinner and play/conversation 2x a month, periodic moms or dads night out, annual camping trip, and a soon-to-be annual winter getaway to the snow. But the best thing about our PEPS group isn’t activity-specific, it’s the “family” we’ve created and the friendship, fun and support that comes along with it. – Alicechandra

Our PEPS group started meeting in June 2005 and we still meet once a month. My favorite activity is our annual PEPS camping trip. This August will be our 8th camping trip! We started a date night swap with another couple from our group and it’s such a treat to get out for a date night 2 x/ month. – Katie

My group still meets weekly (I work full-time now but still see them all often!) and our kiddos just turned 3! This summer will be our 3rd camping trip, our Halloween Party is always so fun and the Moms do a holiday gift exchange and frequent nights out. We’ve had 4 more babies join our PEPS family and 4 are on the way! So grateful for my PEPS family! – Julia

PEPS Group on their Orcas Island Getaway

Our PEPS group has been meeting 2x/month for almost 5 years! Our favorite activities are our summer camping trips— we’ve done two camping trips each of the past three summers– so much fun for the kids (and parents too)! – Linda

Oregon Coast trip is an annual one. Camping trip is in the works! We’ve found that the “group” sites are great because they offer a lot of space, privacy and sometimes even hookups for wimps like me that don’t tent camp. – Becky

We meet twice a month, once for lunch and once for coffee. We get together with the kids once or twice a year. Two of our kids are in college and the rest are in the process of sorting through college offers for next year. Great group of women. – Karen

Our 12 year old group meets the second Friday of the month (we call it Family Fun Friday or FFF) for a potluck dinner. We each take a turn hosting and providing the entree and everyone else brings something to share. But it is never about the meal- always about catching up on the news from the month before, checking in with each other, letting the kids run around like crazy and spending some time together. The best FFF all year is when Jacqueline hosts our annual Halloween party and clears out her living room for dancing. Kids and parents tear up the dance floor all night! – Jill

Tuesday night in and a Saturday morning out every month

Our 4.5 yr old group does a Tuesday night “in” and a Saturday morning “out” each month – with the family hosting that Sat choosing a new (affordable) activity/location in the area. It’s been a great way to explore new places together as they are ready! – Tauryn

Our groups annual Oregon Coast trip that gives us a chance to really relax and and spend some time together as a big group, smaller groups and one-on-one. We also had our first Parents night out with our group this year that was really fun. – Rick

I am part of a 12 year old group that still meets monthly. We rotate the second Friday of each month for dinner and or some event and take turn hosting. I love how creative we have got over the years. Some of my favorite activities are a big barbeque we have at a local park that over looks Puget Sound that we bring a variety of really tasty foods to grill. The kids get to help start and put out the fire. The older kids that now have younger siblings are an example of how to “roast marshmallows/hot dogs” etc. We also host a big Halloween Party in October with a pinata, games, and a rockin dance party. Jill’s husband Ray is our official DJ with all the equipment including strobe lights and all. My son has a very full socially active life but of everything we do no matter what is happening, his top priority is getting to our monthly peps; Family Fun Friday! – Jacqueline

Wow I am impressed by the longevity of so many PEPS groups! My PEPS group is 4 years old and we have sporadic play dates and mom’s nights out. About half of us joined a Campfire group together, started by one of our members . So we see each other for campfire once a month. We had a short-lived babysitting coop- it didn’t last long but it really helped me out the few times I used it. – Danielle

One amazing thing we’re doing together is having baby #2! Three of us are due within days of each other this August. Our babies will be just 18 mos. apart. We are so, so lucky to be taking this next step together so we can continue to share experiences and challenges.

One of my PEPS groups is almost 3 years old. One of my favorite activities is our yearly parties. (We do a Holiday party and also a joint birthday party every summer for the kids.) I’m also in a 2nd Time Around PEPS group- we had a family Saturday play date so all of the significant others and “big kids” could meet each other. Lots of fun! – Stephanie

We want to hear about your favorite activities that you’ve done with your PEPS Group. Share your favorite activities.

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