2016: Top 10 PEPS Parenting Posts

We shared a lot of stories in 2016. Here are the ones you liked best – find your favorite!

16-IMG_9554%5b1%5d25 Ideas for Promoting Kindness and Unity

So many PEPS Parents clicked on this heartfelt and timely essay from our very own PEPS Executive Director, Jessica Lawmaster.


jessicatownsThe Confident, Perfect Mother

Jessica Towns shares how one perfect day out ended in a meltdown, and more: “As a mom, I get to participate in the unscripted sitcom of life in a whole new way.”


babyfeetDear Brand New Mom: What I Forgot

Jen Winckler remembers the things she forgot when she recently cared for a newborn.


Having a baby? Here’s why you’re likely to get divorced soon

Zach Brittle talks about how having a baby can be hard on your relationship. He shares how you can protect your relationship from these known issues.


kristinagreeneHappy Accidents of Parenting

“As silly as it may sound, there was really no doubt in my mind that we would be great parents.” Kristina Greene’s job is to help people become families. Here, she writes about her own journey to parenting.


1ff785bf-b9f1-4e7e-8634-8b3dc520d61e-1Hi. My name is Zach, and I’m a parent

2016’s PEPsTALK winner and local relationship therapist Zach Brittle’s first blog for PEPS. He tells himself, “Take it one day at a time. Relax. Calm down. Give yourself a break. With parenting (and with relationships) slow and steady wins the race.”


The baby is amazing…but intimacy sucks.

Zach is back with how you can build Intellectual, Emotional, Physical, Sexual, and Spiritual intimacy in your relationship – and what these things really are.


Hulings-13To the mothers of the NICU

A moving essay from Jill Hulings about her son’s 96 days in the NICU, “For so long you’ve been a visitor by his bedside, but soon you will become the parent.”


Sarina NatkinWhat You Need To Know About Early Discipline

Sarina Behar Natkin is a parent coach, speaker and author in the Seattle area and PEPS parent herself. In this blog Sarina talks about how defiance is normal behavior for toddlers and young children, how discipline is much more than punishment and shares some tools for the discipline tool bag.


photo-8Why parenting is harder than it looks

This popular post by PEPS mom Shawna Gamache talks about the deep impact that our children’s emotions can have on us.



Thank you for all the stories and perspectives on parents, babies, kids and families – writing and sharing them and for reading them!

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