What Legacy Will You Create for Your Grandkids?

Grandparents at PEPS recently shared about the legacy they are creating with their children and grandchildren.

Some have concrete things to give to children and grandchildren, like a historical flag, family furniture, jewelry that has been passed down, and those treasures made as a child.

Others mentioned how they are sharing their experiences and passions, such as the love of travel, a love of the outdoors and hiking, the value of social justice and standing up for one another, spending time with the grandchildren and providing care for them.

Grandparents are also creating traditions like bringing a library book every time they visit or and selecting a special book once a year as a keepsake for their grandchildren.

Photo books can be a meaningful legacy, or digitizing photo albums, uploading and sharing pictures online.

Many grandparents plan to write down their life story, life experiences, and their take on historical events they experienced.

And, what about recording the stories you tell to your grandchildren in your own voice? Another great idea.

You can write letters to your grandchildren in cursive handwriting, a beautiful practice that grandparents can share, that future generations may see less frequently.

Grandparents leave a legacy just by being there, but these ideas – and your own – can help when future generations ask the question, “I wish I knew what Grandma, Grandpa, Mom and Dad thought about….” 


Things to do with your grandchildren

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