Have you read them all? The favorite PEPS blog posts of 2017

These are the top picks on the Highs and Lows blog – which was your favorite?

What I Wish I Could Say at a Playdate

PEPS Parent Jessica Towns shares what’s she’s really thinking – and maybe next time she’ll say it out loud.


Talking to Your Kids About Race (and other difficult things)

Jasen Frelot, of Kids and Race, wrote this essay to share straightforward parenting tips for talking to young children about race.


What is Identity Development?

Debbie LeeKeenan is a PEPS Grandparent, a new PEPS Board Member and an expert in early childhood education. Debbie shared this introduction to identity development which starts in infancy, when babies become aware of themselves and recognize faces.


Desegregating Your Child’s Life

Jasen Frelot penned another post with practical and positive ways to be intentional with our kids, and practice ways to desegregate where and how we play, have activities and interact.


Outdoor Preschool Awesomeness

Andrew Jay, CEO of Tiny Trees Preschool, shared this – first-ever – photo essay on the PEPS blog, and wow, it was awesome! The pictures really tell the story of this new growing preschool option.


10 Ways to Take Care of Yourself After Having a Baby (or a Toddler, or a Teenager)

It is great to see the renewed popularity of this classic post – all the way back to 2014, when the PEPS blog launched – from Mia Edidin, LICSW of Perinatal Support Washington.


What’s Next? The pressure to have another baby

“Make sure you have another one.” Jessica Towns wonders about external pressures to have another baby.


Tips for flying with a baby – from experienced PEPS Parents

When parents make a first flight with their newborn, often to see family far away, it can really help to hear from those who made the journey before you. We update this travel guide every year.



How do you know you’re done?

“There’s this universally accepted truth of the modern era that is one part mythology and one part biology: When your family has reached its optimal level, you’ll just know it somehow.” Shawna Gamache questions this idea in her popular post.


If You’re Quiet and You Know It

Jessica Towns also gave us this piece for introverted parents and how to make the most of social connections and take care of yourself at the same time.

Thank you for reading these – and all the blog posts this year!

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