New Year’s Resolutions Your Family Will Actually Stick To

A note from The Little Gym

Like clockwork the new year approaches and it’s time to shift your focus from your child’s never-ending holiday wish list to the resolutions that you’ll conquer. While it’s the perfect time to start fresh with a clean slate, it’s equally as important to set smart, attainable goals. Did you know that nearly 80% of New Year’s resolutions fail by February? Set yourself up for success by setting small, simple goals for your family to ensure you can meet each resolution. As you implement your resolutions, your family can celebrate each victory no matter how big or small. Check out these 4 New Year’s Resolutions the whole family can get behind.

  1. Eat Together More Often. Resolve to eat a meal together as a family at least once per week. With work, school, and extracurricular activities, it’s nearly impossible to find the time to sit down together as a family and enjoy a meal. Plan your once a week meal time where you can sit down as a family, without TV’s or cell phones, to enjoy a dinner, or breakfast together as a family.
  2. Disconnect from Tech. Less screen time equals more together time. Set a goal to have one, screen-free night each week. Turn off each cellphone, iPad, computer, TV, or other device and spend quality time with your family. You can try making dinner, playing board games, going for a family walk, or reading together.
  3. Communicate with Your Kids. Resolve to have more conversations with your child. Parent-to-child interaction is a critical child development component for learning and language development and retention. Not only will this help your child learn how to have a one-on-one conversation, it will also teach your child how to listen, reply, and formulate their own thoughts, ideas, and answers. Check out these tips on how to get started!
  4. Family Fitness. Make it a goal to start a family exercise initiative. Children learn by example. The best way to show children that physical activity is an important part of a healthy lifestyle is by showing them that getting active is fun. Plan to get moving together once per week and slowly increase to 2, 3 and even 4 times a week. Go for a nightly walk, have a family dance party, or play a game of soccer in the backyard.

By setting small, attainable goals, you can make a BIG difference in your family’s habits in the new year. A class at The Little Gym can be a great place to start! Classes are available for kids 4 months – 12 years old. Visit to book today and take advantage of $20 off the annual membership (for a limited time).

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The Little Gym of Kent/Renton is providing space for Baby Peppers this year – you can find these groups in our registration system under the Renton neighborhood. Their location is great for families in Renton, Kent and nearby neighborhoods. The Little Gym offers a wide variety of classes, as well as camps and parties, that revolve around active play.

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