Why life insurance is important to expectant moms

By Chirag Pancholi of Jenny Life, Inc.

Expectant, post-partum, stay-at-home and part-time working mothers need life insurance every bit as much or more than their spouses. Life insurance is about providing financial protection to your kids/parents/spouse, should you die.

Often, people think about life insurance only in terms of replacing lost income, but if you are a caregiver to your family, that has real financial value that should be protected.

When thinking about life insurance, here are 5 questions to ask yourself:

  • What would my spouse need to pay for? Would a part-time nanny, after school care, or more babysitting be needed for help with doctor’s appointments, home managing, household tasks?
  • Is there debt that would be a burden to my children or spouse?
  • What about income? Would life insurance help replace lost income for my dependents?
  • Caring for my parents… can life insurance help with that?
  • How much is the right amount? And, will it cost a lot to get coverage?


About the Author

Chirag Pancholi and his team of licensed insurance experts are based in Seattle. Chirag is a noted insurance thought leader and industry commentator. He has helped thousands of consumers pick the right insurance and financial services products for each family. He has three children with his lovely wife here in Seattle. He has degrees from Harvard and University of Chicago and is a former engineer. He has worked with the Federal Reserve Board of Governors and Goldman Sachs.

Jenny Life, Inc. is the world’s first life insurance provider dedicated to moms. They believe in insuring women and moms with life insurance in a quick and easy manner via our mobile apps (IOS/Android). Based in Seattle, they help you apply for life insurance in a couple of minutes right from your phone without any health exams.

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