Reuniting Families

At PEPS we deeply value the sacred and irreplaceable parent-child relationship. The practice of family separation is inhumane and unacceptable. There is no shortage of evidence proving the harm inflicted on children when removed from their parent(s). The impact on a baby or child’s physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health and development when they endure the trauma of separation from their family is irreparable. There is no resource more valuable to a child’s health and development than the bond and security they have with their caregiver(s). Babies and children who have been taken from their families by the Trump Administration’s Zero Tolerance Policy must be reunited with their parents and supported.

If you want to help, articles and links below outline a few things you can do. Also, you can check out resources like Families Belong Together who are already doing great work around keeping families together and/or ensuring fair representation of asylum seekers. #FamiliesBelongTogether


Things You Can Do – Rolling Stone article

Organizations Mobilizing to Help Immigrant Children – Texas Tribune article

Families Belong Together – Find an event near you

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