Enjoying the Diapering Years, then and now… 

by Carolyn Janisch

I am often asked why my husband and I chose to buy Baby Diaper Service at this stage in our life. Our three boys are now young adults; the diapering years are just a memory. As I think of the many special moments when each of my boys was a baby, I have such fond memories of diaper changes and the entire diaper experience. We used Baby Diaper Service, and as many customers now share their enthusiasm about the magic of their diaper delivery day, that is how I felt years ago! It wasn’t just the treat of my weekly diaper delivery though, it was the special moments and bonding that I experienced while changing each of my baby’s diapers. I guess that is what led me back to Baby Diaper Service, after being a customer beginning in 1996, to becoming the owner 2 ½ years ago.

Like many stages of parenting, even the diapering years go by way too quickly. At first, we are changing tiny newborn diapers: groggy, with only one eye open, a couple times each night. Then in a blink of an eye we are chasing our toddlers, so we can skillfully perform the “stand up, while on the run” diaper changes, and before we know it, we are looking for potty training tips.

When my boys were young, there were distractions that continually challenged me to be present with my sons…nothing like what parents today are facing, but still distractions. Diaper changes were one of the opportunities that I was able to turn into a special bonding activity with each of my boys during the diapering years.

Diaper changes are a wonderful opportunity to slow down, be present and connect with your baby. Whether you are using cloth diapers, or single use diapers, experts recommend diaper changes every 2 hours. In the busy days of parenting young children – this gives you a wonderful opportunity every couple of hours to have an undivided, engaging moment with your baby.

Viewing diaper changes as an occasion to bond can lead to special moments between a parent and baby. I created a special routine that I enjoyed with each of my boys from the time they were newborns throughout the duration of their diapering years.

Baby Diaper Service provides cloth diapers to Puget Sound families since 1946. And, they are a PEPS supporter too!

When it was time for a diaper change, I would swoop them up with playful enthusiasm and announce it was time for a diaper change – “from your toes to your nose”! Once we got to our changing station, whether it was the full station we had set up in the nursery, or just on a changing pad if we were out and about, after my baby was laying down, I started by gently tickling my baby’s toes, then, like a spider, my fingers would softly crawl up the sides of each leg until I reached the waist of his pants. I would playfully describe what I was doing, then removed the wet or soiled diaper, gently cleaned up my baby’s bottom and finally wrapped him in the clean, soft cotton diaper.

For us, cloth was the best choice, which was easy with the help of Baby Diaper Service. This was many years ago; when we first began using cloth diapers, we used pins! As I fastened the pin, I would say here goes one pin – “click”! I’d make a funny sound effect. Then the other side. Then I’d pull on those plastic pants and his pants – and just like that, our diaper change was a success. But, I wasn’t done! I would then gently tickle his tummy and tickle all the way up his chest and neck until I tickled his nose. The diaper change was then complete from his toes to his nose!

I enjoyed this same routine with each of my sons. Luckily with my younger sons, we used Velcro cloth diaper covers – no pins! – making a much faster change. Later if I would try to rush a diaper change, they would remind me that I wasn’t finished…. Even if we didn’t have time for our full routine, no diaper change was complete without the final tickle to the nose. This routine was a warm, fun time. I took an activity that otherwise is not the most pleasant part of parenting and turned it in to a special moment. Of course, the time I was able to spend on our routine varied based on how much time we had. I could still make it special with a much quicker variation of the routine.

Whatever routine you come up with, make it your own and discover a fun way for you and your baby to bond to enjoy each diaper change.

You might enjoy

  • singing to your baby
  • turning on fun music
  • ending with a quick little “diaper dance”
  • telling a story
  • adding a tickle to a quick diaper change

You can develop a routine that best suits you and your baby.

More tips to try

  • Create a warm, comfortable environment to change your baby
  • Be flexible – be able to shorten when time is tight
  • Babies love the gentle touch and tone a parent can use during diaper changes. Simply talking to your baby and explaining the steps of the diaper change, is helpful for language development

As you enjoy and embrace this time together, your baby will too. So, make up a diaper dance or a special song you sing during diaper changes and turn this dirty deed in to a special bonding moment with your baby. Trust me, as you think back on these times…it will make you smile and warm your heart.

About the Author

Carolyn Janisch grew up in the Seattle area and has raised her three boys with her husband, John, on the Eastside. She enjoyed a career that began with the Boeing company as a buyer, then worked as a business and marketing consultant for The Little Gym International. While raising her sons, she found ways to be involved in the programs they enjoyed. She served as the Board President of the Bellevue Community College Parent Education program, registrar for her local Little League, Cubmaster of her sons Cub Scout group and was involved in various ways over the years as a PTSA volunteer. Her family is her first priority. She enjoys spending time with her husband and three sons, extended family and friends…preferably outdoors. In her free time, you can find her out hiking or enjoying time out on the water in the sunshine! With her husband, John, and the amazing team at Baby Diaper Service, Carolyn is proud to carry on the Puget Sound tradition of Baby Diaper Service. Baby Diaper Service is the premier Diaper Service in the Puget Sound, servicing customers with the highest quality products and highest level of customer service since 1946. Cloth diapers are the healthiest option for baby and for our environment, Baby Diaper Service makes it simple, convenient, and affordable for families to choose cloth without adding extra work to their already busy lives – they simply change their baby and drop the diaper in the provided pail. No rinsing, no soaking, no pins – Let Baby Diaper Service do the dirty work!  https://www.facebook.com/BabyDiaperService/

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