Table Captain Profile: Suz Fix

Suz Fix participated in a Newborn PEPS Group back in 2016. “During one of the most challenging (and joyful) times in my life, PEPS provided me with a safe and supportive environment where I could talk freely and connect with other new moms.” She decided to give back by being a volunteer leader for another PEPS Group, helping other new parents connect and find support. She has led two groups, and just started co-leading her third.

Suz had also attended the PEPS Luncheon and decided to try being a Table Captain for the 2018 event. “Being a Table Captain is a way of showing my gratitude for the network of amazing women I now have in my life.” She was able to recruit a friend to co-captain with her, and their table was a big success!

Favorite part of hosting/attending

“My favorite part of attending the luncheon is the warm fuzzy feeling of being in a room with so many wonderful and supportive people. I brought my 4-month old baby Emmett and there was never a moment where I worried about if he cried or needed a diaper change. Everyone there understands.”

Pro tip for new table captains

“Ask early, so they get it on the calendar! Also, if you’re asking someone who was in a group with you, sharing a story from your time together can help spark memories of what PEPS meant to them.”

Why is giving back so important?

“Becoming a parent is one of the most amazing, but also challenging times in a person’s life. PEPS provided me with a space to share my day to day joys and struggles with other moms who were in the same stage of life. In short, PEPS helped me create my village. Volunteering for PEPS is my way of saying thank you!”


Thank YOU, Suz, for hosting a table at the Luncheon

Being a table captain is a fun way to support PEPS and a great way to bring friends and family together! You can also share a table and be a Co-Captain. Either way, there is no cost for the event to you or to your guests, but there is the expectation that guests will give a donation of support to PEPS. Table captains fill a table (you and 11 guests) and co-captains fill a half-table (you and 5 guests). You can learn more about being a table captain here, or sign up now!


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