The First Three Months Have Been Interesting, to Say the Least…

At PEPS, we love hearing from families about their parenting experiences and perspectives on parenthood.  This month, we heard from several fathers who shared their highs and lows, what they’re most excited about, and advice for other dads.

Sevon, a former US Air Force Staff Sergeant, moved to Seattle from Boston in December 2018 with his wife, ShaCara. Shortly after, their baby girl, Rhomi, was born. He chatted with us recently about his first few months of fatherhood.

PEPS: How have your first three months been as a new dad?

Sevon: I would say the first three months have been interesting, to say the least. ShaCara, my wife, and I did our best to prepare for parenthood by talking to friends and family members about their experiences and attending birthing classes. In doing so, however, we quickly realized our experience would be completely different than everyone else’s and have to constantly remember that what works for someone else may not work for us and vice versa. I have definitely had a lot of ups and downs and have to remember that this is a learning experience. I’ve learned a lot about myself, including a newfound level of patience and building unconditional love for someone I don’t know or knows me.

PEPS: What are you most proud of and excited about in being a dad?

Sevon: I am most excited about getting to re-learn how to be a kid again and see the world through Rhomi’s fresh eyes.

PEPS: How do your own life experiences shape your approach to being a dad?

Sevon: As a military veteran, I have a list of values instilled in me that I have been able to apply to being a dad. Values such as “Service before self” and “Excellence in all you do” is practiced every day with Rhomi.  Whether that’s me putting her needs before my own or being intentional on how I interact with her, I apply those so that positive values are instilled in her also. Having traveled the world myself, supervised airmen, and reflecting on my own upbringing, I know how important it is for Rhomi to be and feel supported when navigating this world.

PEPS: What do you find most challenging about being a dad?

Sevon: For me, the most challenging part is not being able to keep Rhomi constantly entertained and not being able to read what she needs for comfort, initially.

PEPS: As the dad of a newborn girl, what advice do you seek?

Sevon: I seek advice on how to keep Rhomi entertained or how to calm her when she’s not having such a good day since breast feeding isn’t an option for me.

PEPS: What does ‘Father’s Day’ mean to you? Is it an important day for you? And, how would you like to celebrate it and be celebrated?

Sevon: Before Rhomi, Father’s Day did not mean much to me. Although I appreciated and acknowledged the day because I had a great father figure, it did not have any real meaning until now. I’m looking forward to Father’s Day as a day to make funny faces with Rhomi, enjoy her toothless smile, watch her observe colors and shadows off the wall, and do some of the little things we as adults take for granted every day.

Thank you, Sevon, and we hope you enjoy many wonderful Father’s Day celebrations!

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