Top 5 Stories of 2021 

1. So Many Waitlists, So Little Time: Finding Childcare in a Post-Pandemic Desert

5 tips for navigating the maze of finding childcare when the care shortage is at an all-time high. Read more

2. Estate Planning: Who, What, and Why

Surveys show that over 60% of American adults do not have an estate plan in place. The most common reason for not having a will was that the person had not gotten around to it. With that in mind, starting the conversation about why you should get around to putting an estate plan into place may nudge you closer to beginning the process. Read more

3. That Cry Means Something: Infant Potty Training

The first time Heather had heard of infant potty training, also known as elimination communication (EC), was when her daughter, Eliana, was 6 months old. Could it really be possible for an infant to let her mother know that she needed to potty? The answer is yes. Read more…

4. Double (or Triple!) Duty as a Work from Home Parent

Two parents working from home with children

Many new parents, myself included, have long wished to spend more time with their baby and spend less money on childcare, without sacrificing their careers. Unprecedented numbers of new parents had a chance at this over the past year, which brings forth the question: are we now one step closer to work-life balance? As the story of Chris and Margot suggests, it’s complicated. Read more…

5. Bond with Your Baby: Listen More, Stress Less

Annie Garrett, a Developmental Moments trainer for PEPS and an Infant Parenting Educator, sat down with infant mental health specialist, Betty Peralta, to discuss infant-parent bonding and some of the challenges parents are up against as they try to bond with their baby. Read more

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