Update on the 2023 Legislative Session: Tracking PEPS Advocacy Priorities

There’s just over a month left in the 2023 WA State Legislative Session! PEPS has been advocating with our community to protect Paid Family & Medical Leave, secure affordable housing investments, and make childcare more affordable. So, what’s the status? Read an advocacy update on our blog to learn more about these three priorities and what’s been happening during this year’s Legislative Session.

It Takes a Village 

A representative from Washington Education Savings Plans (WA529) shares the tangible ways she and her husband saved for their children’s post-secondary education, as well as the less tangible ways they instilled values of saving, goal-setting, and pursuing dreams in their children through consistent conversations and a village of support surrounding their children.

Elevate, Engage, Activate: The Journey to Advocacy at PEPS 

Prior to 2019, PEPS had not engaged in advocacy work. Through deep learning, reflection, and an organizational commitment to racial equity, it became clear that remaining neutral on issues and policies that impact families only furthers inequities. In 2019, we embraced our responsibility to engage the large community of parents in our network to take action on issues and policies that impact parents and families. Read about our journey to advocacy at PEPS.

Fostering Community and Connection for Young Parents

For young parents embarking on the journey of parenthood during a time when many of their peers are in a different phase of life, having a community of support with others who “get it” is even more essential. We recently partnered with Southwest Youth and Family Services to offer a PEPS Group for young moms in Southwest King County.

Five Mindfulness Exercises You Can Do With A Baby

Practicing mindfulness doesn’t have to mean meditating for half an hour every day. There are many simple ways to incorporate mindfulness into your daily life. On our blog, a psychotherapist specializing in perinatal mental health and the transition to parenthood shares 5 simple mindfulness exercises you can do with a baby.

Top 5 Stories of 2022

Check out our five most popular articles published on our Highs and Lows Blog in 2022!

Cold & Flu Season: What to Know to Keep Your Child Healthy

Between colds, flus, RSV, and COVID, it feels like we can’t catch a break this viral season! While viruses like RSV are incredibly common, it can still feel intimidating to care for your child at home, especially if you have a young baby. A pediatric nurse at Seattle Children’s shares tips for caring for your child during cold and flu season.

PEPS: Expectation Vs. Reality

Before participating in a PEPS Group, many people believe PEPS is just another parenting class. In reality, PEPS is so much more than that. It’s a space to build community, have real, raw conversations, and connect with other parents going through the same phase of life. Archana Agrawal shares her experience in a PEPS Newborn Group and how her expectations changed after joining a group.

Parenting Styles 101: A Fresh Spin on Old Favorites

What’s the deal with all the parenting style terms circulating the internet these days? Are they really new or just rebranded versions of old concepts? Read Parenting Styles 101: A Fresh Spin on Old Favorites to see where you land on the spectrum of parenting styles.