Betty Peralta with student

Bond with Your Baby: Listen More, Stress Less.

Interested in learning about the importance and ways to bond with your baby (or big kid!)? Check out this interview with Betty Peralta, a local infant mental health professional, consultant, and parent coach.

Stretching Your Dollars During the Holidays

The owner of Childish Things children’s resale store, Wendy Powell, outlines ways to save money on children’s clothing and gifts during the holiday season. She provides tips for where to find gently used clothing and toys and how to sell used items online or at a resale store.

Partnering in a Pandemic

Five years ago, Triangle Area Parenting Support (TAPS) joined the PEPS family as a PEPS Network Partner – and so much has developed since. Read on to learn more about how TAPS has adapted in the past 20 months to support families in their community.

I Can’t Imagine Not Having PEPS

One family shares their experience in an online parent peer-support program for expectant parents, followed by another online program for parents with newborn babies through the Program for Early Parent Support (PEPS).

Estate Planning: Who, What, and Why

Megan Gebhardt of Gebhardt Law Office, P.S. discusses the importance of having an estate plan, particularly for parents of minor children. The article outlines what an estate plan is for, who needs one, the elements of an estate plan, and other tasks to complete to ensure your end-of-life wishes are carried out.