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A family gathered to celebrate a one year old girl's birthday party. A cake with lots of candles.

A Gift That Can Keep on Giving

2020 was full of surprises and change. In 2020, NISO Programs and Program for Early Parent Support partner to offer their first collaborative Spanish-speaking parent peer-support group to families on the Eastside. Read on to learn about their challenges and triumphs.

A Native American mom holds her toddler-age daughter affectionately while they take a break from walking in the park to smile at each other.

Knock Out the Flu

Vaccines like the flu vaccine can help keep families from getting and spreading illnesses, especially during times like during a pandemic. Infectious disease expert and Seattle Children’s Hospital share what they know about the flu vaccine and how it can help keep families healthier this season.

Your Kids Are Not Too Young

BY SHAWNA GAMACHE (Estimated reading time: 6 minutes) Like a lot of white people raised in the 80s and 90s, I grew up learning racism was bad. Racists were evil and would make themselves known through the blatantly terrible things they said and did. My job as a good white person would be to speak up when this happened. Besides…