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Good-bye “Hot Mess” Mama! How Affordable Childcare Changed My Life

Poop or chocolate? What day is it? Did I forget pajama day at school? OMG there’s a field trip and I forgot to pack a lunch!!!! Let me introduce myself, I’m the “Hot Mess” Mom. You might have seen me on that new BuzzFeed video going around Facebook. Actually… let me rephrase that. That WAS me up until a few…

Making Date Night work for you – yes, YOU!

It’s alright, you can admit it: Once you have kids, sneaking out with your sweetie can seem like more trouble than it’s worth. Of course you know you need the break, some time together, a meal that someone else makes and cleans up, and that doesn’t involve a giant stack of napkins and profuse apologies to your server on your way out……

All hail the Happy Hour Date!!

We all know that Date Night is an essential element to keeping the romance burning during these early child-saturated years. But I’m sure I’m not the only one who gets exhausted just thinking about going on a dinner date. First there’s the ground work involved – making a meal for your kids, carefully writing out or relaying bedtime instructions, laying out their pajamas, diapers…

Cheers – to Kicking Ourselves Out of the House

One thing I’ve learned through my own experience as a parent, and from the dozens of parents I’ve gotten to know through the PEPS groups I’ve been a part of – is everyone needs to feel connected, first and foremost, to their partner. You are the foundation of your family, and when you’re good, your kids are likely to be good, too. Kids just pick up on this sort of thing.

Halloween Date Night

October is full of kid oriented activities to celebrate Halloween and Fall. But what about activities adults can enjoy? If you love to be scared and appreciate a history lesson check out the Market Ghost Tours!