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Gearing Up for Baby-Led Weaning

here’s been a lot of buzz about baby-led weaning in recent years. The team at BooginHead (a PEPS sponsor!) did a lot of digging to learn the ins and outs of this new style of weaning. And they’ve recently launched a Baby-Led Weaning 5-Piece Essentials Kit to help families gear up to start baby-led weaning in a safe, approachable way. Learn more on our blog!

Say Cheese! Your Baby Dental Questions Answered

Say cheese! You may be on top of all the pediatrician check-ups in your baby’s first year of life, but have you visited a dentist yet? Dr. Megan Posthuma, pediatric dentist at The Tooth Ferry (a PEPS Sponsor!) answers common questions about baby dental health in our recent blog post.

One Meal at a Time

By Sara Peterson (Estimated reading time: 6 minutes) My daughter’s first solid food—avocado—seems so long ago, probably because parenting years and dog years are essentially the same, time-wise. Back then, she was so interested in that slippery, squishy green wedge. She would bring a piece right up to her mouth with total trust and no hesitation. Nowadays, she looks at…

Nutrition Tips for Parents

Article by Allegro Pediatrics Nutrition can be an overwhelming topic for many parents. There is often concern that children are not getting enough nutrients or aren’t eating a balanced diet. Here are some of our tips for commonly-heard nutrition concerns. Snacking For the most part, we try to prepare healthy and nutritious meals, but many times the snacks that children…

New Parent? 5 Baby Basics This Pediatrician Wants You to Know

By Vanessa Raymond  It’s hard to know how best to parent a new baby when there are so many shifting trends. Do you need a smart sleeper that comes replete with white noise and jiggly rocking? What about a weighted blanket? A perma-fort? Chewelry? Pediatrician Cynthia Kertesz, M.D. of the Pediatric Care Center at UWMC-Roosevelt believes that the basics of caring for your new baby are not all that…

Can I nurse here?

Yes, I know that Washington state law allows a woman to nurse anywhere. And that is wonderful! But it doesn’t mean you’re comfortable whipping out your boob while sitting in a 10-top at Canlis, or behind home base at SafecoField (though more power to you if you do!), especially during the first few months. Now that I’m six years into…

Mom in the Middle: Natural Blunder

One day while grocery shopping, an elderly woman interrupted a conversation I was having with another mother. “Oh please tell me you’re nursing,” she said to the mom of a seven-week-old girl. Not waiting for an answer, she spun with surprising spunk to face me. “You nursed, right? You must have! Isn’t it wonderful?” And that’s when I punched her…

The Dos and Don’ts of Handling a Picky Eater

Though my daughter is only three years old, she rarely comes to the table without an opinion about the foods I’ve prepared. Getting her to try new foods can be challenging, and she’s not even that picky. But I’m not giving up.