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Betty Peralta with student

Bond with Your Baby: Listen More, Stress Less.

Interested in learning about the importance and ways to bond with your baby (or big kid!)? Check out this interview with Betty Peralta, a local infant mental health professional, consultant, and parent coach.

I Can’t Imagine Not Having PEPS

One family shares their experience in an online parent peer-support program for expectant parents, followed by another online program for parents with newborn babies through the Program for Early Parent Support (PEPS).

Buyer Beware: Choosing Safe Children’s Resale Products

The owner of Childish Things children’s resale store, Wendy Powell, outlines common safety hazards found in used children’s goods. She provides tips for parents to make sure the used toys, clothing, and gear they receive is safe.

Your Kids Are Not Too Young

BY SHAWNA GAMACHE (Estimated reading time: 6 minutes) Like a lot of white people raised in the 80s and 90s, I grew up learning racism was bad. Racists were evil and would make themselves known through the blatantly terrible things they said and did. My job as a good white person would be to speak up when this happened. Besides…