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Pregnant? Here’s What You Should Know About the Coronavirus

Expectant parents are filled with anxiety and questions as an outcome of the coronavirus pandemic. Two doctors from the University of Washington School of Medicine share what they know and how expectant parents can keep themselves and their baby safe.

Reading with Your Child

Research has shown that the more words a baby hears, the better his or her vocabulary, communication, and social skills will be.  Dr. Betsy Browder shares some helpful hints on how to make reading part of a daily routine – and fun!

One Meal at a Time

By Sara Peterson (Estimated reading time: 6 minutes) My daughter’s first solid food—avocado—seems so long ago, probably because parenting years and dog years are essentially the same, time-wise. Back then, she was so interested in that slippery, squishy green wedge. She would bring a piece right up to her mouth with total trust and no hesitation. Nowadays, she looks at…

Getting the Most from Play Dates: Teaching Kids about Friendship

Some children are born social butterflies, eagerly navigating the waters of making new friends with relative ease. And some children need more support when it comes to meeting new people and developing friendships. It’s common for children – even adults, really! – who are naturally quiet or reserved to feel uncomfortable with initiating a conversation. Young children are often just beginning to learn how to read social cues, share toys, and take turns in a conversation.   No matter…

From “Mompreneur” to CEO – an Entrepreneur’s Story

~ By Sari Davidson Leaning In My son, like many babies, liked to toss his sippy cup. I, like most parents, got tired of chasing it. Life was very different back in 2005. The internet was there, but it wasn’t the e-commerce megastore it is today with every single product you could ever dream of, waiting for you on…