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Mom in the Middle: Careful What You Wish For

I don’t like newborns. There. I said it. Or rather, I didn’t like taking care of a newborn. It wasn’t his fault. My son was a great baby, but I was a hot mess. Exhausted, clueless, terrified, panicky, and continuously questioning my life choices about sums up those first few months. “Enjoy it!” friends and strangers told me. “It goes…

Mom in the Middle: 9 Ways to Survive Traveling with Kids

Tis the season for parties, traditions, and family gatherings near and far—all of which you might be shunning or dreading now that you have a plus one in tow. But fear not! Heeding this advice will have you dashing through the season like you’re on a one-horse open sleigh. Expect the Worst: My husband Bart is a huge Star Wars…

The Daycare Dilemma

The other day I pulled up in front of my son Quinn’s daycare and he yelled, “I’m home!” Well, hold on there, Champ, I thought. Do you see any mac and cheese smears on those windows or Thomas the Tank Engine playing in a loop while 56 hours of quality Bravo television dies a slow, lonely death on the DVR…

Mom in the Middle: Natural Blunder

One day while grocery shopping, an elderly woman interrupted a conversation I was having with another mother. “Oh please tell me you’re nursing,” she said to the mom of a seven-week-old girl. Not waiting for an answer, she spun with surprising spunk to face me. “You nursed, right? You must have! Isn’t it wonderful?” And that’s when I punched her…

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