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Dear Brand New Mom: The Worry Factor

It seems that with the arrival of your baby, something triggers inside your new mom brain: WORRY. You might worry about small things, big things, and/or the future…. I think this is something that comes attached to our babies and transfers to us immediately. Think back to something small you worried about when they were born: a small mark on…

Good-bye “Hot Mess” Mama! How Affordable Childcare Changed My Life

Poop or chocolate? What day is it? Did I forget pajama day at school? OMG there’s a field trip and I forgot to pack a lunch!!!! Let me introduce myself, I’m the “Hot Mess” Mom. You might have seen me on that new BuzzFeed video going around Facebook. Actually… let me rephrase that. That WAS me up until a few…

Higher Highs and Lower Lows

Finally we have the true roller coaster that is parenting. It can lift you, windswept, to breathtaking heights you never knew existed, and then drop you so fast it leaves you spinning and wanting to throw up.