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Freezing Morning

We were a young family that moved from Israel to Montreal with two girls’ ages 8 and 10, and it was our 3rd winter in one of the world’s coldest places. Winters in Montreal are very well known where the temperatures drop way below the 0. They say there are two seasons in Quebec, Canada: Winter and Maintenance. Winter can…

Happy Accidents of Parenting

Have you ever done something accidentally? Like maybe you accidentally signed up for 2 year magazine subscription to Women’s Health even though you know you’re never going to look like the woman on the cover, or maybe you accidentally befriended someone who is super annoying and now they will never leave you alone, or maybe you simply, accidentally, spilled your…

Mom in the Middle: 9 Ways to Survive Traveling with Kids

Tis the season for parties, traditions, and family gatherings near and far—all of which you might be shunning or dreading now that you have a plus one in tow. But fear not! Heeding this advice will have you dashing through the season like you’re on a one-horse open sleigh. Expect the Worst: My husband Bart is a huge Star Wars…

Mom in the Middle: Natural Blunder

One day while grocery shopping, an elderly woman interrupted a conversation I was having with another mother. “Oh please tell me you’re nursing,” she said to the mom of a seven-week-old girl. Not waiting for an answer, she spun with surprising spunk to face me. “You nursed, right? You must have! Isn’t it wonderful?” And that’s when I punched her…

May I buy you a drink?

“I’m not sure who exactly coined the term “flying the friendly skies”, but I am living proof that you can travel with young children. I remember before I had kids thinking that travel was so easy. I’d hop a plane, grab a glass of red wine, take a Dramamine, and miraculously land at my destination. Don’t get me wrong, wine…


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