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Your Baby Wants You to Stop Talking to One Another

Here are 5 Questions to Ask and Keep Asking to Maintain your Connection by Zach Brittle One of the things that happens when couples have a baby, is that they stop talking to each other. At least, they stop talking to each other in ways that are interesting and intimate. Gracious and generative. Curious and kind. Of course, this doesn’t…

The baby is amazing…but intimacy sucks.

by Zach Brittle As a couples therapist, I see a ton of different kinds of relationship issues. This week, a couple came into my office asking for help because they’d just had a baby. They related that the baby was like a grenade. In this case it was was a “he”. And “he” exploded onto the family scene and disrupted…

How do we have the sex talk at a PEPS Group?

Many parents are thinking about intimacy after baby and that’s great. In a PEPS Group, parents may find it a safe place to talk about it. Some may be wondering, just like with baby’s sleep patterns, “are other parents experiencing the same things we are?” “Are things ever going to return to ‘normal’?”