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What I Wish I Could Say at a Playdate

by Jessica Towns It’s Toddler Playtime at the community center. The gym is jammed with plastic slides, kid kitchens, and Flintstone-style cars. The primal howls of yet-uncivilized children rattle the bleachers. My mom-friends and I stand in a semicircle, semi-watching our two year-olds, and I’m dying to tell them. I want to tell them that two hours ago, I sat…


Dear Brand New Mom: What I Forgot

Dear Brand New Mom, I recently cared for my 4 month old nephew for an extended time period. Although I’ve had my own children, I was still a little nervous; would I remember what to do? Every baby is so different, would the tricks that worked on my kids work on him? How would the day go? It’s been over…


Dear Brand New Mom: You’re not a bad mom

Dear Brand New Mom, Being that you are brand new to this job, there are bound to be some bumps along the way. Give yourself some grace in learning the ropes. Not knowing something does not make you a “bad mom”. Doing something wrong, ignoring some advice that in hindsight was right, making a decision that’s against the “norm”, or…