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Yoga Poses for New Parenthood

by Megan Sloan Pretty much any new parent will share with you the aches and pains that have become part of their daily life with their new little one. We develop sore necks, tight shoulders, wrist issues and low back problems as a result of lifting, carrying, rocking, feeding and caring for our little ones. It’s amazing the havoc a…

Dear Brand New Mom: You’ll become an expert too

Dear Brand New Mom, Did you ever wonder how the “experts” became experts? Whether it’s a parent with more experience, helping you navigate your way through this new baby experience, or a professional who has experience with many different children – they all started out where you are starting. From the beginning. The thing that’s important to remember is to…

You’ll Figure it Out

Four minutes after confirming my pregnancy, my husband and I realized we had twelve minutes of baby experience between us. “Should we have talked about this?” I asked. “Eh,” Bart shrugged. “You can learn anything on YouTube.” Truth was, we were terrified. We didn’t even really like kids. Having one of our own seemed like a big risk. The quest…

The art of letting parents talk

The key to asking open-ended questions is that it doesn’t assume that the parent you’re talking to plans to do x,y or z the same way you do, or even the same way that many or most parents do. It leaves space for the idea that there are many right ways to parent, and shows that you respect that parent enough to hear them out, whatever their plans may be.

Lessons from leading a PEPS Group

As the layers of PEPS members’ lives are gently peeled back like an onion, a little more each week, we learn how much we don’t know about others, and what a privilege it is when they choose to share it with us. This is the magic of PEPS.