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Top 5 Stories of 2022

Check out our five most popular articles published on our Highs and Lows Blog in 2022!

Getting your family ready for one more

By Shawna Gamache Don’t worry too much! Getting a sibling really is the best thing to happen to most kids – and as this essay is from my own experience, the suggestions here are mostly directed at families with a toddler when their second child is born. Involve your older child in planning, pregnancy and birth Maybe he can help…

The Confident, Perfect Mother

By the time my daughter Ravenna was seven weeks old, I had mastered parenting. Confident in my ability to meet her needs, I decided it was time for our first mother-daughter day out. A local outdoor mall boasted a beautiful new women’s lounge with ample space to nurse and change diapers. Perfect. I packed the kitchen sink into the diaper…

What it’s really like: To leave the house with a newborn

It’s impossible to understand how scary it is until it happens to you. There you sit, staring at the door, huge bag fully packed, tiny newborn in your arms wearing her seventh clean outfit of the morning. You finally made it happen. So why can’t you walk out that door?

Tips for flying with a baby from experienced PEPS parents

Traveling with a baby is always a hot topic in PEPS meetings, and there are lots of things you can do to make the trip go smoother. We recently asked people to share their top tips on the PEPS Facebook Page and we received so many great ideas, we had to put it all in once place so new parents can benefit from your experience!

Lessons from leading a PEPS Group

As the layers of PEPS members’ lives are gently peeled back like an onion, a little more each week, we learn how much we don’t know about others, and what a privilege it is when they choose to share it with us. This is the magic of PEPS.