The rewards of leading a newborn PEPS group

Leading daytime newborn groups has given me the opportunity to meet and be part of many families’ lives over the past 4 years (nearly 100 in fact!). Sitting with moms once a week for 2 hours keeps my own perspective on parenting fresh, and also lets me help other moms. I like to focus on moms (versus dads or couples)…

Parents Need Dates Too

  Parents need a break! Please join us for our first annual PEPS Night On The Town, an evening benefit event to help us strengthen & grow our support programs for new and growing families. Delight in live music and magical cabaret performances Savor hors d’oeuvres and sip signature cocktails Buy raffle tickets, win wonderful and luxe goodies Make an impact…

Connection: something magical borne of a friendship

Quinn screamed the whole car ride to our first PEPS meeting. She was inconsolable during the introductions and screeched through the birth stories. She flailed her arms and threw her little head back, she demanded to nurse countless times and then immediately jerked her head away, sputtering and furious. I bounced her, rocked her, shushed her, wrapped her, passed her…

Dads and PEPS

More than half of PEPS groups include dads these days, which is a big change from when PEPS first got its start in 1981. We just hosted two events for dads that got them – and us – asking questions about what kinds of info and resources dads like most. In late May, we held a focus group to connect…

Staying Home

By Beth Morris *Originally published in May, 2013 on the blog Write as Rain (writeasrainblog.com). I recently updated my current job title on my Facebook page to “Mom/Project Manager at Home.” While this might sound like an overly official title for what most call stay-at-home-mom, I like it.  Why should what I’m doing now be made to sound any less…

Two of My Favorite Farmer’s Markets

Don’t miss all of the bounty our region has to offer! Some Farmer’s Markets will close for the season come October. Enjoy the end of summer by strolling through your neighborhood market for a pleasant family outing.

Lessons from leading a PEPS Group

As the layers of PEPS members’ lives are gently peeled back like an onion, a little more each week, we learn how much we don’t know about others, and what a privilege it is when they choose to share it with us. This is the magic of PEPS.

Celebrating Dads

To celebrate Father’s Day this year, we asked PEPS families to share pics of dads and their kids. We love all the amazing shots you sent in – there’s nothing quite like that special relationship between a dad and his little ones. Enjoy, and thanks to everyone who shared!

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