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Moms are so busy taking care of their families, they often forget to take care of themselves. Get ideas for how to take care of yourself here.


Help Wanted

As a PEPS leader and fellow mom of two young kids, I’m regularly impressed by the many things – big and small – that I see parents achieving, surviving, juggling, conquering and figuring out day by day, riding this tidal wave that is parenthood. The sleep, the food fights, the bottle battles, nursing strikes, potty training, sibling rivalry, remembering to…


What do YOU need?

This post was originally published on local author Tracy Cutchlow’s Zero to Five website. Have you forgotten something today? Forgotten a piece of yourself, I mean. Some piece that was core, central, essential to you being who you are, but it slipped out of your arms as they overflowed with all those new pieces related to being a parent. And now you feel like something is seriously missing? Or something is wrong? If…

Grandma was on monitor duty for this July date

Making Date Night work for you – yes, YOU!

It’s alright, you can admit it: Once you have kids, sneaking out with your sweetie can seem like more trouble than it’s worth. Of course you know you need the break, some time together, a meal that someone else makes and cleans up, and that doesn’t involve a giant stack of napkins and profuse apologies to your server on your way out……


Seattle Dadvocate: Interview with Chris Casazza

Chris will present Top Survival Tips for New Dads this Wednesday, September 16 at the PEPS for Dads event at Lantern Brewing. $10 or pay what you can. Food and drink available for purchase on site. Register at   This article is an excerpt of a longer piece published by Perinatal Support Washington, the new name of Postpartum Support International of Washington…