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Moms are so busy taking care of their families, they often forget to take care of themselves. Get ideas for how to take care of yourself here.

How early parenthood prepared me for quarantine

I’ve never lived through a pandemic before. But like all parents, I know what it’s like to have my world shrink. My world used to be much tinier than this, those first weeks after I had each baby when I barely left my bedroom, and the months afterward when even a walk down the street sometimes seemed impossible.

The quarantine’s tight intimacy has been strangely familiar, so sweet and so suffocating at the same time. Thanks to those early baby years, I know what it’s like to have my world close in on me and my children, and how to re-craft my expectations around those new boundaries. Luckily, this time around, I have that past experience to guide me.

Megan facing baby on a yoga mat

How a Mindfulness Practice Can Lead to Success in Setting Lasting Routines with your Kids

By Megan Sloan (Estimated reading time: 8 min) When I became a new parent, I had almost 20 years of yoga under my belt and about 5 years of a regular mindfulness practice of sitting almost every day. After sleepless nights and early wake-ups, I found my daily meditation practice of sitting quietly first thing in the morning needed to…

The Power of Focusing on Your Own Wellness

When I was pregnant with my first daughter, family and friends who’d been there all had the same piece of advice: Sleep when the baby sleeps. It seemed so simple, and so obvious. Of course I would do that. When I was tired. Which wouldn’t be all the time. Then my daughter was born, and, like a lot of babies,…

Preparing for Baby: Emotional Changes and Challenges

by Kimberly Chan This post was originally published at Emotional changes and challenges should be expected with the arrival of a new baby. As I prepare to lead a PEPS Newborn group discussion on Emotional Changes and Challenges and prepare for the arrival of our second child, I want to share my approach with other new and expecting parents…

I love my baby, but I miss my old life

by Laurie Ganberg, LICSW  “I love my baby but I feel trapped.” “Maybe having a baby was a mistake.” “Every part of my life has changed. I miss my old life.” I often hear these statements hesitantly shared by women experiencing ambivalence and regret after a new baby—along with, “I can’t talk about this in the new moms group.” But it is…