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Your Kids Are Not Too Young

BY SHAWNA GAMACHE (Estimated reading time: 6 minutes) Like a lot of white people raised in the 80s and 90s, I grew up learning racism was bad. Racists were evil and would make themselves known through the blatantly terrible things they said and did. My job as a good white person would be to speak up when this happened. Besides…

Child wearing mask

Stitching Community, One Mask at a Time

In this way, a quarter of quilting fabric and bobbins of leftover thread became something much bigger: a project to unite our family in an uncertain time. We pored over pictures of loved ones wearing the masks we made, our scraps and stitches forming an amulet for them to wear into this new world.

three sisters bonded by a love for each other and for PEPS

Three Sisters Bonded by a Love for Each Other – and for PEPS!

Even as smitten new parents are falling in love with their perfect baby, they can also feel alone and confused with the sudden, drastic shift in lifestyle. This is where PEPS steps in—bringing together people in the same stage of life. PEPS groups become a place where bleary-eyed moms and dads can find solace and feel understood.  Having found a…

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Day in the Life…of a PEPS Community Connector

In 2017, PEPS reorganized its staffing structure and created three Community Connector positions. For the past two years, these three Connectors have developed critical relationships with the communities in our service area. Their work involves identifying service gaps and barriers to parent-support services and determining ways that PEPS can help close the gaps and remove those barriers. The Connectors  accomplish…

Partnering with New Parents in a Spanish language PEPS Group

This spring, Open Arms Perinatal Services and PEPS started a peer support group for Spanish-speaking families. Open Arms hosted these meetings at El Centro de la Raza and coordinated additional support for the mothers who attended. Maria, Community Connector at PEPS, and Betty Hernandez, a doula at Open Arms, led this first-time pilot group. Betty is also an obstetrical nurse and acts…