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How early parenthood prepared me for quarantine

I’ve never lived through a pandemic before. But like all parents, I know what it’s like to have my world shrink. My world used to be much tinier than this, those first weeks after I had each baby when I barely left my bedroom, and the months afterward when even a walk down the street sometimes seemed impossible.

The quarantine’s tight intimacy has been strangely familiar, so sweet and so suffocating at the same time. Thanks to those early baby years, I know what it’s like to have my world close in on me and my children, and how to re-craft my expectations around those new boundaries. Luckily, this time around, I have that past experience to guide me.

One Year In, With Twins

by Leah Wyatt My fraternal boy-girl twins turned one last week, and we hosted the requisite first birthday bash, complete with cake smashing photo op. As with all first birthday parties, ours was really for the parents. In addition to allowing my husband to sip wine with other adults without leaving our house, the planning and execution of the event…

Why I Love Raising a Toddler

by Jessica Towns There is no shortage of parenting articles and videos these days on the subject of keeping it real. Moms and dads share, with brutal honesty, how hard it is to be a parent. The culprit tends to be a toddler—arguing with circular logic, rubber stamping the pets, spewing violent tears over something irrational. We praise these parents…

Armchair Quarterbaby

by Shelly Mazzanoble I come from a sports-loving family who taught me the names of every NHL team, the location of every MLB stadium, and which NBA teams had mascots. (Very important to an eight-year old girl.) But when it comes to the NFL, ask me to decipher the difference between a touchback and a fullback, and I deflate quicker…