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Having important conversations with kids 

Parents talk to their kids about everything – Why is the sky blue? Why do we wash our hands before we eat? Why should I be nice to my sister? Every day kids ask, and parents respond. And often it’s the parents job to talk about topics proactively – everything from learning letters and math concepts to safety to getting…

Connection: something magical borne of a friendship

Quinn screamed the whole car ride to our first PEPS meeting. She was inconsolable during the introductions and screeched through the birth stories. She flailed her arms and threw her little head back, she demanded to nurse countless times and then immediately jerked her head away, sputtering and furious. I bounced her, rocked her, shushed her, wrapped her, passed her…

Dear Brand New Mom: You’ll become an expert too

Dear Brand New Mom, Did you ever wonder how the “experts” became experts? Whether it’s a parent with more experience, helping you navigate your way through this new baby experience, or a professional who has experience with many different children – they all started out where you are starting. From the beginning. The thing that’s important to remember is to…


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