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The first step to more connection with others

by Tracy Cutchlow, Author of Zero to Five: 70 Essential Parenting Tips Based on Science I remember trying to get the real scoop on parenting, good and bad, before I had a baby. “It’s hard,” new parents would say, and then quickly paper over that tiny admission. “But of course I wouldn’t trade it for anything!” It sounded suspicious to me. Even…

Birth Story Healing

By Barrie Rein Thunemann MA, ICCE, CD, Certified Birthing From Within Mentor, Our culture tells us that giving birth is supposed to be one of the best days of our lives, however, many mothers and parents can feel disappointed or let down after their birth experience. In fact it’s actually not all that unusual to feel that something just doesn’t…


2016: Top 10 PEPS Parenting Posts

We shared a lot of stories in 2016. Here are the ones you liked best – find your favorite! 25 Ideas for Promoting Kindness and Unity So many PEPS Parents clicked on this heartfelt and timely essay from our very own PEPS Executive Director, Jessica Lawmaster.   The Confident, Perfect Mother Jessica Towns shares how one perfect day out ended…


What I Wish I Could Say at a Playdate

by Jessica Towns It’s Toddler Playtime at the community center. The gym is jammed with plastic slides, kid kitchens, and Flintstone-style cars. The primal howls of yet-uncivilized children rattle the bleachers. My mom-friends and I stand in a semicircle, semi-watching our two year-olds, and I’m dying to tell them. I want to tell them that two hours ago, I sat…


Armchair Quarterbaby

by Shelly Mazzanoble I come from a sports-loving family who taught me the names of every NHL team, the location of every MLB stadium, and which NBA teams had mascots. (Very important to an eight-year old girl.) But when it comes to the NFL, ask me to decipher the difference between a touchback and a fullback, and I deflate quicker…


City, neighborhood, block

We headed out almost every day, no matter the weather. Our destination was always the same: the park at the end of our block. But the journey was always different. Some days, that walk would take us over an hour. Some days we actually never made it to the park at all, when a bad scrape or a temper tantrum got in our way. There was always something new to take in, like the tinkling sound emanating from a drain spout or the shiny curve of a worm upon the sidewalk.