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A Maze of Choices

Children start absorbing messages about money at an early age. Our most recent blog post shares how one family taught their kids important messages about saving while reducing their future student loan debt by opening a WA529 college savings account.

Megan facing baby on a yoga mat

How a Mindfulness Practice Can Lead to Success in Setting Lasting Routines with your Kids

By Megan Sloan (Estimated reading time: 8 min) When I became a new parent, I had almost 20 years of yoga under my belt and about 5 years of a regular mindfulness practice of sitting almost every day. After sleepless nights and early wake-ups, I found my daily meditation practice of sitting quietly first thing in the morning needed to…

5 Things to Know About Breastfeeding

By Angela Cabotaje While Washington’s breastfeeding rates are well above the national average — 92.4 percent of babies have been breastfed compared to 83.2 percent — that doesn’t mean it’s easy. Many first-time moms have never seen a woman breastfeed before, and that lack of familiarity, plus a variety of other factors, often result in unexpected baby-feeding difficulties. “I think most women…