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Books for Kids: A Review of The Wedding Portrait by Innosanto Nagara

Counting on Community was the theme of this year’s PEPS Benefit Luncheon. Copies decorated the tables and everyone who attended came home with this colorful board book that counts up fun neighborhood activities and relationships. When PEPS contacted the author, Innosanto Nagara, to ask if we could share his book at the Luncheon, he said simply that community belongs to…

Children’s Books as Mirrors and Windows

We all know the benefit of reading to our children from the earliest ages—reading helps babies develop language, hearing words helps brain development by building a rich network of synapses, and reading creates a caring bond between the child and reader. But did you know another important reason to read to children is that books provide mirrors and windows to the world!

Prepare by Reading

When you are pregnant, it seems like suddenly everyone starts telling you how to prepare. And, in this culture, a lot of that preparation seems to involve lists of things to buy. From the relative who swore that a certain style of swing would ensure my baby would sleep (it didn’t) to the friend who bought me a version of…