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Why Imperfect Parenting is GOOD for Our Kids

Nobody’s perfect, and there’s nothing like becoming a parent to remind you of that. But what if we said that all those moments of imperfection as a parent are actually GOOD for your kids? Our recent blog post by a PEPS Group Leader and alum gives practical examples of how you can turn imperfect parenting moments into growth opportunities.

A Tranquil Isle in the Sea of Busyness

By Holly Koteen-Soule We all know that sleep is essential for rejuvenation, and if you find yourself paddling hard all day long, you may also want to find a quiet mooring place somewhere in the middle of the day. Naps give young children a chance to rest and recharge, but calm times during waking hours are also necessary for children…

Moving Past Guilt:  A Normal, but Not Necessary, Part of Parenting

Guilt may very well be a universal part of the human experience and is often compounded and heightened after becoming a parent. Suddenly, you are entrusted with the absolute care of another human being, while continuing to balance all the other aspects of your life from before becoming a parent. It can feel impossible at times to succeed at all…