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Dear Brand New Mom: The Worry Factor

It seems that with the arrival of your baby, something triggers inside your new mom brain: WORRY. You might worry about small things, big things, and/or the future…. I think this is something that comes attached to our babies and transfers to us immediately. Think back to something small you worried about when they were born: a small mark on…

Who is my child, really?

Probably the most important thing I’ve learned so far as a parent is to not worry so much about what my kids are doing. To realize that what I’m mostly doing here is giving them a safe place to unfold— not molding them.

Oh, The Anticipation

Earlier this summer I had someone ask me if I was nervous about having a second child. Nervous? Hmmm. “No,” I replied (perhaps naively?). “I woudn’t say I’m nervous. Just mentally preparing for something I know will be hard at times.” In my mind I compare going into labor with standing at the starting line of a marathon. Ideally, that…