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By Rachael Lydeard (Estimated reading time: 3 min)

The past year has been difficult for many families as a result of COVID for a myriad of reasons. While many adults are finding themselves at home with their children more often, this amount of time has not always meant more quality time.

Many parents have struggled to balance work obligations with greater parenting responsibilities all at the same time. Work schedules, newborn baby demands, and after-school activities can often deny families the opportunity to enjoy a meal as a family. And there is a great value in sitting together as a family for a meal. Eating together promotes healthy eating habits and strengthens family bonds. It is a lot of work to get a meal on the table each night that everyone can enjoy and that is where a service like Pick Me Up can help families make dinner time special. 

After having their first child, Seattle couple Phil and Rachael found juggling two full-time jobs and childcare meant that there was little time to cook and enjoy high quality meals at the end of the day. Despite Phil being a chef with over ten years of experience, they were really struggling to make the time to prepare a meal and enjoy dinner together. As they met more new parents, it seemed like many families were having similar struggles. Phil and Rachael worked on trying to find a solution.

Pick Me Up was then conceived. Pick Me Up aims to provide busy families with a fresh, sustainable and convenient way to get dinner on the table every evening. Pick Me Up started by partnering with daycare centers to offer families the chance to have a meal delivered to the center to pick up when they picked up their child. The company now offers home delivery across the Seattle and Bellevue area, providing families the opportunity to have a freshly-made meal delivered daily for the whole family straight to their door.


Pick Me Up believes that fresh is best, which is why we offer two entrees per day: a vegetarian and non-vegetarian option. All meals are prepared, cooked, chilled, and packaged on the day of delivery making them the freshest meal deliveries you can get. Our food is created with families in mind. We serve classic dishes everyone around the table will love, including kid versions of all our dishes.


Meal kits and meal delivery often come with a lot of wasteful packaging. This is not the case with Pick Me Up. All our meals are packaged in reusable boxes, which we collect on the next delivery. We believe in taking responsibility as a small family business to do our part in making sure to care for the earth that our children will inherit.


All meals are fully prepared and require just a few minutes to heat up in the microwave, which means dinner can be on the table in a matter of minutes! There are no subscription or membership fees. All orders can be placed through our simple-to-use app. It is as easy as downloading our app to get started!

Pick Me Up

Pick Me Up is the meal delivery service designed for busy parents, serving fresh family meals since 2018 and proud to offer home delivery.

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