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Why Co-op Preschool Could be a Great Next Step in Your Parenting Journey

When deciding between childcare options, there are so many things to consider. Co-op can be a natural “next step” after Newborn or Baby Peppers groups. Co-op preschools are a great way to continue learning and practicing parenting strategies in a safe and accepting environment. PEPS families already understand that there’s value in raising children “in a village,” and co-ops are a great way to continue that practice. Read more about the benefits of co-op preschools.

Best Practices for Employing a Nanny 

If you choose to hire a nanny to provide childcare in your home, it may feel strange to think of yourself as an employer and your home as a workplace. When you hire a nanny, you are subject to legal requirements and other responsibilities as a domestic employer. Hand in Hand Domestic Employers Network shares best practices around legal requirements, benefits, and more for families employing a nanny.

Nanny Work Agreements 101

Hiring a nanny to care for your children may be one of the most intimate professional relationships you have. Just like any other job, defining expectations in advance and maintaining open communication will help reduce conflict for both employers and nannies. Read our recent blog post for tips on creating a written nanny work agreement from Hand in Hand: The Domestic Employers Network.