Dear Brand New Mom: You’ll become an expert too

Dear Brand New Mom,

Did you ever wonder how the “experts” became experts? Whether it’s a parent with more experience, helping you navigate your way through this new baby experience, or a professional who has experience with many different children – they all started out where you are starting. From the beginning.

The thing that’s important to remember is to trust your own instincts, which I’ve already mentioned in this article. But what I didn’t really talk about is how you will come into this new role and make it your own. YOU will become the person who someone else looks to for help and advice. YOU will become the person who learned the best way to help a child like yours, who might be able to help someone else. That one song you found that soothed your baby might not work for someone else, but your suggestion to try different songs might.

1472948_10202120668993679_1475651713_nWhen I have led newborn PEPS Groups, the one thing that brings me the most joy is watching the confidence blossom in new parents. As a brand new mom, nothing feels normal, you are out of your element, you’re a newbie and you might feel like you’re drowning in a sea of the unknown. But just you watch….with time comes experience; and you, too, will become someone others can go to for advice and help – and you can be proud of the fact that your answers come with sympathy, and not something you read somewhere or heard about second hand. Magically (and without knowing it), you will become part of the community we need to nurture new families. Cheers! You’ve got this!


A Mom Who’s Been There


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Jen Winckler is a Newborn PEPS leader in Snohomish County. She is a stay at home mom (aka. Volunteeraholic) to two boys, ages 10 and 8, and is still trying to navigate the constant curve balls that parenting dishes out. She used to dread the minivan driving soccer mom title, but has come to love watching her boys play their hearts out (and did sell the minivan as soon as they could open their own doors without banging the car in the next stall).

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