Featured Volunteer – Wendy Wray

Wendy WrayWendy Wray’s first experience with PEPS was joining a Baby Peppers Group shortly after moving to Seattle in 2009. “Being part of PEPS helped our transition to Seattle and I immediately fell in love the the organization. Six months after my group ended, I led a Newborn Group, and it was an even more amazing experience.”

After leading Newborn PEPS Groups in Seattle for years, Wendy and her family moved to Portland, OR.

In her seventh year of volunteering with PEPS, Wendy is now co-leading PEPS pilot groups in Portland and helping with outreach and relationship building there. “The Portland community is very excited about PEPS. It’s amazing to lead groups here and receive enthusiastic feedback from participants. It’s been incredibly encouraging to hear peoples’ enthusiasm when I tell them about PEPS!”

Wendy WrayIn addition to leading groups, she is also helping PEPS Program Coordinator, Kim Larson to train new group facilitators in Portland. “Our new trainees include folks with no personal PEPS experience who signed up because they have sisters or friends who have been a part of PEPS in Seattle and see the need here; Portland pilot group participants who volunteered to lead immediately following their Newborn Groups (despite having tiny infants); and friends who have been so inspired by my experience that they want to be involved. It’s been truly moving to see the enthusiasm here.”

When not leading PEPS groups, Wendy enjoys playing with her sons, ages 7 and 4. They love to hike, bike and do other outdoor activities, rain or shine. She also loves cooking and crafts.

Thank you, Wendy, for all you have done over the last seven years (and continue to do) with PEPS in Seattle and beyond.



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