Take Your First Step in Saving for College with GET

Life is full of firsts, and when your children are young, it seems like every time you turn around they’re at the next milestone.

While savoring all of these special moments, it’s also important to be planning ahead – especially when it comes to saving for college. Every little bit that you’re able to put away today substantially reduces the burden of paying for future college expenses and the reliance on student loans.

Since 1998, the Guaranteed Education Tuition (GET) Program has been helping Washington families to save ahead for college expenses. GET is Washington’s 529 prepaid tuition plan that allows you to pay a set price today with the guarantee that your account will keep pace with future tuition. Families know that a GET account is safe and secure, as Washington state law backs the guarantee. As a 529 plan, all earnings and withdrawals from a GET account are tax-free when used for qualified higher education expenses. You can use it to attend colleges, universities and technical schools anywhere in the country, and even abroad.

When it comes to saving for college, it’s important to start early, save what you can and remember that you’re not alone. Family and friends can contribute to a child’s GET account in any amount. Join thousands of families and start saving with GET today to secure tomorrow. Enroll at www.get.wa.gov.

About the Author

GET serves Washington citizens by offering secure savings options that help families plan ahead for future college expenses, reduce reliance on student debt, and promote financial wellness. Since 1998, over 100,000 Washington families have opened GET accounts and over 50,000 students have already used their accounts to attend colleges, universities and technical schools nationwide. To learn more about GET and the benefits of college savings, visit get.wa.gov.

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