Mother Soulstice: Nurturing Your Mother Self

by Conni Navarre, Founder of Mother Soulstice

The transformation into motherhood is a time of tremendous joy and love that can be coupled with the distress of one’s own personal need to heal both physically and emotionally post birth. Many women don’t receive adequate education and support during this time, which can leave them feeling isolated in their recovery.

In November 2015, my own physically and emotionally traumatic delivery left a difficult road to recovery with few resources readily available. I found myself navigating the effects of diastasis recti, scar tissue, and pelvic floor weakness while emotionally battling the pressure society puts on mothers to return to ‘normal’ as quickly as possible. It was hard for me to understand, let alone accept, what my body was going through. I felt empty and unable to recognize who I was looking at in the mirror. I had completely changed overnight, but the person I surfaced to be was still waiting to be defined. I felt flooded with articles about how to control the way my body looked, when in reality, nothing about my life or my body was in my control. Though I was completely enamored with this newly defined love and precious life, I still felt lost without knowing what I needed or what was out there to help me.

My midwives referred me to Dr. April Bolding for birth processing and pelvic floor physical therapy. The education and emotional support that Dr. Bolding provided turned around my entire experience post birth. I left her care proud, uplifted, and spiritually stronger than I have ever been.

I also left with a lot of questions: Why is our society more interested in controlling what this process looks like to others instead of celebrating what our bodies accomplish? Why is there so much pressure to get “back” to our lives and our bodies, as we once knew them, when we should have the space to heal and embrace this transformative journey into motherhood? And why did I, a college educated woman who felt well prepared for childbirth, know so little about my body and the recovery process?

Dr. Bolding assured me that I was not the only one experiencing the post birth period in this way, and I thought about all of the women who may not have access to or knowledge of valuable postpartum resources in their community.

With Dr. Bolding’s support, I created the organization Mother Soulstice to help educate and empower women after childbirth through a community that supports and celebrates all aspects of motherhood. We host community events that connect mothers to local resources and services that rise up the mother self through an experience that is educational, inspirational, and celebratory.

Here is a little glimpse into how we got started:

Our next event is on Tuesday, June 19th at the Georgetown Ballroom. It is completely free for the community, and I personally invite all mothers and mothers-to-be to attend! Come take a night for yourself and join the community. The event will kick off with a social hour and access to services that nurture your mother self.

You won’t want to miss Dr. April Bolding’s wise words on healing and motherhood and Kisha Vaughan’s uplifting spirit on the dance floor. This is a great place to connect with other moms and discover nourishing resources that are supporting this incredible journey we are living. Please visit for more information. Childcare is encouraged, and babies in arms are welcome. I hope to see you all there for some much needed mama love and celebration!

Note: This event is focused on our postpartum selves; we welcome any birthing parents to attend and find resources and support at Mother Soulstice.

PEPS will be at this event on June 19. Stop by our table and say Hi!

About the Author

Conni Navarre is a mother, wife, events specialist, and community organizer dedicated to educating and empowering women as they journey into motherhood. With her 2 year old in tow and a second on the way, Conni spends her free time seeking out other amazing resources and women on a mission to change the conversation regarding motherhood and healing post childbirth. Through Mother Soulstice, Conni utilizes her events experience to make much needed resources accessible to mothers, unify a shared mission in the community, and amplify the voices of amazing women contributing to the cause.

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