Sustainability, Safety, and Structure: Frequently Asked Questions About Eco-Friendly Diapers 

By Carolyn Janisch, Baby Diaper Service (Estimated reading time: 5 minutes)

One of the many early decisions parents make is which diapering option is the best fit for their family. There are many options, and luckily it is not all or nothing – we can mix and match our diaper choices! From cloth diapering to buying in bulk at big box stores, online subscriptions, and eco-friendly diapers, there are many options to keep a baby clean and dry. Babies will use an average of 3,000 diapers in their first year alone and on average 6,000-7,000 diapers from birth to potty training. With over 20 billion diapers tossed into traditional landfills each year, creating 3.5 million tons of waste, many families are searching for a more sustainable option and thinking not only about the diaper itself but the best way to dispose of the diaper to reduce waste. 

Baby Diaper Service has been providing Puget Sound families with sustainable diaper options for 77 years. Our mission is to provide families with a diaper solution that is both healthy for their baby and healthy for our planet. We partner with families on their diaper journey from birth to potty training!  

We talk about diapers daily, so here are some of the most frequently asked questions: 

A mom changing her baby’s diaper next to packages of Nest Diapers while a toddler looks over her shoulder. Image courtesy of Baby Diaper Service.

1. What are eco-friendly diapers and what sets them apart from regular disposable diapers?  

Eco-friendly diapers are made primarily with plant-based materials that are biodegradable and responsibly sourced. The brands we prefer offer products that are non-toxic – free of chlorine, fragrance, parabens, and dyes. We partner with Nest Baby Diapers because their mission aligns with ours, to provide the healthiest diaper for both babies and for our planet. It is important to know what ingredients and materials are used and the options and impact of disposal of the diapers. Nest is transparent about their list of materials. They are also a leader in the eco-market, developing technology that will allow the diapers to break down with responsible recycling to create energy from waste. When Nest diapers are recycled, all that remains is the string around the legs, the Velcro mechanism and one thin back sheet layer. The bulk of each diaper becomes renewable energy! While eco-friendly diapers are a responsible choice, selecting to also have them responsibly disposed of has an even greater impact on our environment.  

Regular disposable diapers are primarily made of polypropylene plastic, which is a non-renewable resource that is not biodegradable. Between the lengthy list of harsh ingredients used in regular disposable diapers and the fact that they will sit in landfills and will not break down for 500+ years, eco-friendly diapers and products are becoming an important choice for families.  

Choosing eco-friendly products today will have a significant impact on our children’s future! 

2. With so many brands making claims about being sustainable and eco-friendly, how do we know which really is the best diaper? 

It is important to know which materials are used as well as the mission of the brand. At Baby Diaper Service, we partner with brands that are transparent about both their list of materials in their products and how materials and ingredients are sourced. A good question to ask is does a brand support climate protection and innovation? Are they focused on not only providing a safe product for babies, but also working towards helping us have a healthy planet by providing products that have little to no long-term effect on our planet? For example, Nest Baby Diapers has committed to planting a tree for every package of diapers sold! Baby Diaper Service families are contributing to planting a forest with the quantity of packages we deliver to families each week!  

3. Are eco-friendly diapers safe for my baby? 

Yes! Select an eco-friendly diaper that is non-toxic, hypoallergenic, and breathable. Our Baby Diaper Service families love that their baby does not suffer from uncomfortable diaper rashes with the Nest diapers and Bambo Nature water wipes. It is also nice to have peace of mind to know the diapers and wipes are made responsibly with safe ingredients and that there are no harsh chemicals used on baby’s delicate skin. 

4. Are eco-friendly diapers as absorbent as traditional disposable diapers? 

Absolutely, absorbency is key! Eco-friendly diapers are absorbent! Not only will you want to use an absorbent diaper, of course – but a good fit and design is also important. Nest Baby Diapers says, “Customers love Nest diapers due to the elastic waist on the back, which is designed not to let the poop out.  In addition, our diapers are designed to fit babies perfectly and not have excess waste on the front or back of the diaper.” Many eco-friendly brands have a wetness indicator that parents love, helping them know when it is time for a diaper change!  

5. How does a sustainable diaper service work? 

Sustainable diapering with Baby Diaper Service is convenient, simple, and innovative.We provide weekly service that includes plant based, biodegradable products delivered to your front door each week. Simply set your dirty diapers out to be picked up and we will pick those up and responsibly dispose of them to be recycled into renewable energy. Simply toss your diapers and wipes into the bio bag that we provide and let us do the dirty work. From delivery to disposal, our Baby Diaper Service families love the convenience of home delivery, the ability to set a standing order and adjust as needed using our app, and the opportunity to feel good about creating energy rather than tossing their diapers into the trash! Families are supported and cared for throughout every step of their diapering journey. 

Families can take small steps that will have a big impact. Together, we will make a difference one diaper change at a time. Please reach out with your questions, we love to support families and are always happy to help!  

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Carolyn Janisch is the owner of Baby Diaper Service. She enjoys spending time with her husband, three sons, extended family, and friends. In her spare time, you can find her out hiking or enjoying time out on the water in the sunshine! Carolyn loves connecting with families and helping them throughout their diapering journey! 

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