Featured Volunteer: Zoë Wilson

Zoë Wilson’s first experience with PEPS was joining a newborn group in Renton in April of 2014 when her son Luca was one month old. “I appreciated the opportunity to share my joys and struggles in an open, honest and supportive environment. I never felt alone in my experience, at least one other person was always going through something similar and could empathize and share any advice that worked for them.”

About a year after her group ended, Zoë co-led her first PEPS group with another mom from her PEPS group, Marcie Cheung, featured last year. “I absolutely loved the experience,” Zoë said.

Zoë lives in Renton with her husband, Raj, her 3-year-old son Luca, and their dog, Niño. Since her first time co-leading, Zoë has led several groups solo, helping us create new connections with parents in Renton, which is a relatively newer area for PEPS and a community that is growing with new families.

When asked why she continues to support PEPS as a group leader, she said, “I love seeing how new parents come together to form a caring, inclusive community and gain confidence in themselves as parents. I’ve now led 4 Newborn groups and one Second Time Around group in the Renton area.”
Volunteering as a PEPS leader also felt like a natural fit to Zoë. “My professional background is as a Kindergarten teacher. I find infant and child development very interesting and I enjoy sharing ideas and activities that support development.”

In addition to taking care of her son and leading PEPS, Zoë likes to spend time with friends, take walks, and read. “I enjoy taking advantage of all the kid-friendly activities this area has to offer and spending as much time outdoors as possible, especially on gorgeous fall days.”

“I am so glad I joined PEPS. I made lifelong friends and we continue to share our experiences with each other,” she shared.

Thank you, Zoë, for your time and your passion and commitment to PEPS.

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