PEPS Spotlight: Wendy Powell, Childish Things

Childish Things is a children’s clothing and toy resale boutique located in Crown Hill. The owner, Wendy Powell, is a local Seattle mom who started her business in 2008. She took a few moments this month to chat with us.

Childish Things has been a partner of PEPS since 2012. Thank you! What factors do you weigh when deciding which organization to invest in as a business owner?

Wendy Powell, owner of Childish Things, at the PEPS Luncheon.

Wendy: We are a children’s business, so we try to support those organizations that support families. As a stay-at-home parent who had no family nearby, I recognize how hard it can be for families to navigate through this maze, even when they have been so successful at other things in their lives. We tend to be very independent people and too often, we forget the value of having our families around us when we start our families. I feel PEPS helps bring us together as communities.

Why do you invest in PEPS?

Wendy: I believe there is little that is more important than community when you have children. It is priceless to build community with others who are in that very significant time of your life when things become more different than you’ve ever known.

What’s been the best thing about working with PEPS in the past 7 years as a PEPS sponsor?

Wendy: I love the luncheon, the babies, the smiles, the purpose attendees seem to have in supporting this organization.  I fight back tears while listening to the speakers at the luncheon!

What’s your hope for families in this area?

Wendy: I hope that mothers and fathers recognize their intuition when parenting, that they have resources to weigh that intuition against and that they do not fear being judged for their choices nor feel the pull to ever judge anyone else for their parenting choices.  It is a challenging road, being a parent. There is not one right way to do it.  I wish for them confidence and joy.

What’s the one thing that you wish new parents when they start their parenting journey?

Wendy: I was fortunate to have women around me who were very honest about their parenting challenges and realities. I wish for that for everyone. I wish for folks to be honest. If you are struggling, there is no medal in trying to deal with it alone. The beauty in PEPS is that it puts you in very close contact with many others that you can reach out to, who hopefully you can speak honestly with.  There is a reason those bonds last.


THANK YOU, Wendy, for being such a committed and loyal partner. Your investment in PEPS and future parents means a lot.


Community minded businesses contribute about 6% to the PEPS budget each year.
We are currently accepting corporate partnership requests for 2019. Please contact Jessica at the PEPS office [] to receive the 2019 sponsorship menu. We look forward to hearing from you.

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