Sow the Seed to Reap the Harvest

from PEPS Sponsor, Washington College Savings Plans

Fresh air. Brisk mornings. A beautiful kaleidoscope of leaves. Squirrels are storing food for the winter, geese are flying south, and crops are being planted. Fall is here!

A lot of time, energy, and planning goes into preparing for what’s next (whether it be the next season, the next promotion, the next child, etc.), but the benefits and rewards of those preparations definitely pay off. Food stored in the fall provides nutrients in the spring, just like crops harvested in the fall provide a plentiful bounty in the coming seasons.

Having a plan, making the necessary preparations and setting realistic goals are key. With any given task (planting a garden, raking leaves, or cutting firewood), we have to put in the work in order to see the rewards. The same goes for saving for college. With Washington’s College Savings Plans (WA529), you can save what you can, when you can. Whether your child is about to start kindergarten or about to start high school, WA529 provides a variety of savings options.

The GET program allows families to prepay future college tuition today, and the state guarantee protects them from long-term in-state tuition inflation and stock market risk. The DreamAhead College Investment Plan offers a wide range of flexible investment choices based on your student’s age and your risk tolerance. Both plans offer tax benefits and flexibility, so you can find a plan that’s right for you.

Just like having a great team of helping hands to cultivate the soil and nurture growth makes it easier to boost your crops’ yield, encouraging family and friends to help you with your saving efforts makes your goals that much more attainable.

By planning ahead, you can meet your goals for your kids. Like a successful crop season comes to fruition due to deliberate planning and dedication, any amount of money saved for your child’s college expenses will benefit them in the future.

Plant the seed. Save the dollar. Do the work. Anything helps, and saving money today for future college expenses can help provide peace of mind.

“Do not measure success by today’s harvest. Measure success by the seeds you plant today.”
Robert Louis Stevenson


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Washington State now offers two 529 savings options: The Guaranteed Education Tuition Program (GET) and the DreamAhead College Investment Plan. Combined, they are called the Washington College Savings Plans, WA529.

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